BSAS has had to made the difficult decision to cancel the main BSAS 2020 Conference programme.

Event Programme

This year’s conference boasts a host of exceptional speakers, who will lead delegates in the discussion on how to create a holistic approach to define the role of animal science in solving the world’s food crisis, whilst also addressing the challenges of food security, nutrition and production. Over the course of the three days, there will also be opportunities to relax and meet with friends and colleagues at the Monday Quiz Night and at the Tuesday Awards Reception and Conference Dinner.

Challenge of Change promises an incredible programme of speakers, workshops and seminars compiled to address key issues driving the field of animal science and technology. The conference addresses both business and industry issues that continue to dictate the status and future of the field, bringing together an incredible mix of business perspective, welfare, environment and animal science.

On Tuesday 31 March, the RSPCA ‘Animal Perspectives’ workshop, led by Juliet Dukes is an interactive workshop designed to challenge participants to reflect on their own views of animals-including animal sentience and cognition – and how animals might perceive their interactions with us. The session will be of interest to all life scientists, including those interested in working with animals, those completely new to research, and those who already have experience of working with animals, their tissues or data derived from them. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to reflect on the complexities of human relationships and interactions with animals, whilst also covering a wide variety of contexts, including research, farming, companion animals and wildlife. Participants will then be encouraged to debate and discuss how animals are valued and treated in different circumstances and reflect on their own opinions and choices.

On Tuesday afternoon Zoe Willis heads up an Early Careers Council Q&A session at 5pm. A panel comprised of a mix of academics, industry members and early career animal scientists will be discussing key topics in relation to animal science PhDs/early career. With questions welcomed from early careers attending the conference we hope to generate some great discussions to help our current early career researchers. Time management, dealing with colleagues and moving from academia to industry are just a few of the topics in mind to get discussions started. However, we would like the early careers to dictate the direction of discussions. This is a great opportunity to ask experienced animal scientists those burning questions.

Kicking off Wednesday’s proceedings is Nicky Thompson, Occupational Psychologist and expert on strategic and transformative delivery and implementation of change related interventions/activities on major programmes in complex organisations.

Our programme is subject to change, however you can download a draft copy of the programme by clicking below:

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Last updated: 27 Feb 2020


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